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Senior Supply Chain Consultant

2260 Westerlo, Belgium

Job Type


About the Role

Corvus is looking for the experienced Supply Chain consultant who's able to...

- Understand the end-to-end logistical flows
- Demand planning and statistical forecasting improvements
- Work together closely with our customers and colleagues in several optimisation projects
- Develop the strategies that will ensure future proper functioning of the supply and planning processes


You are...

  • Interested by technological evolution & data-driven evolution

  • Passioned about all types of logistical process flows

  • Ready to learn a lot of new technologies and innovative solutions

You have...

  • Great communication skills

  • Excellent analytical skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Keep-It-Simple-Smart Mindset

  • +7 years experience

The next White Raven in our team would be YOU with...

  • The focus on supply chain planning, manufacturing and/or distribution and logistics

  • Nice to have, master degree within economics, business administration, sciences or comparable by experience

  • Fluent in English, Dutch and/or French

We offer...

  • Not even one day will be the same again!

  • Challenges, be sure!

Interested? YES, can't be otherwise at all ;)

And even freelance and available? Let's do this!

The next step... send us your resume to inspire us 

About Corvus

Corvus Solutions was founded in 2019 by Jurgen Geys, an entrepreneur with years of experience in logistics automation.

Corvus analyses existing logistics processes, identifies areas for improvement and provides pragmatic and feasible solutions by 'hands-on' and 'no-nonsense' approach.

These range from changes in working methods and infrastructure to automation and AGVs. The improvement process is supported by a thorough analysis based on observation on the work floor or, when needed, data derived from wireless object tracking RTLS sensors (AI-Machine Learning Technology).

Using smart proprietary AI machine learning software, we process data and create more insights than conventional methods.

3D Simulation/Digital Twin software is used to evaluate technology-based solutions such as automation (robotics, AGV, AMR).

Using the same no-nonsense approach, Corvus Solutions also offers project management services.

Corvus Solutions combines experience and knowledge in the fields of logistics, technology and IT, making it a white Raven in the sector.

Hence the name Corvus (Raven in Latin).

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